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100 Days of Ties: Day 57: I haven’t worn Dockers in maybe 15 years

Tie: Gitmn Bros. for Bonobos / Sweater: Lands' End Canvas / Shirt, Socks: J. Crew / Pants: Dockers Khaki Waders / Shoes: LL Bean Ranger Mocs / Witty Comment: Missing

I think it’s been since maybe grade school or a time I had to borrow a pair of pants from my father for church that I donned a pair of Dockers. But when I read about their khaki waders on Jeremiah’s blog I decided to give the brand that I until now attributed to that of which my mom would buy for me another go. The fit, the break, the color are all good. But what really got me, I s’pose was the fact that even if I wasn’t too keen on the pants when they came, the pricepoint of less than $50 (pre-tax, etc) made the purchase feel less like a commitment and more like a “Why the hell not?”

And you pair them waders with a Lands’ End / J. Crew / Modern Amusement / LL Bean kit? Tuesday, so far, is looking good, both physically and professionally. Boosh.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 53: Billy Reid, foosball, and reshaping sweaters

Tie: Billy Reid / Sweater, Shirt: J. Crew / Foosball: I even lose to myself.

I hate foosball. Well, fair, I don’t HATE foosball, as I don’t really hate anything (aside from black jellybeans and traffic), but if I am out at a bar and they have a table and was asked to play, I would most likely decline. I just suck at it. I will make no secret of this. I figure though that at this point in my life, if this “sport” is one of the things I am not necessarily sweet at, I’m okay with that given my other talents.
To get back on topic though: as much as I have been down on J. Crew as of late, I need to draw attention to my sweater today. It’s been my favorite for years now with no good reason other than it was a gift from my mom and the fit is prime. It’s got its imperfections now sure and I was bummed when the elasticity wore out in the waist, but I gave it a wash, reshaped it, and it’s now good as the first time I wore it…aside from the holes.

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100 Days of Ties: Day 50: Halfway there with an animal mask and university stripes

Tie, slacks, socks: J. Crew / Sweater, shirt: Lands' End Canvas / Kicks: Sebago / Mask: RAWR!!!!

Wow. 50 days ago I began this quest (more, really, but I’m counting work days here), and thus far, it has been a great ride. What makes it all the better is the submissions, some 250+ so far. In the time that this project has been running, I have met a lot of great people, made some new friends, been contacted by choice companies, and, although we never DID pick a charity or gear this towards humanity, I feel some good has been accomplished. So, thank you everyone. And given it’s casual Friday, kind of, I deemed it necessary to wear an animal mask for some reason. It was $.12. How could I not purchase it?



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Underdressed & Overtired: A weekend at the races in J.Crew.

L-R: Ferrari, my shadow.

I didn’t know what to expect, like I said. It has been ages since I’ve hiked a fourteener, and I have never been to the Pikes Peak Intentional Hill Climb. Needless to say, I had no idea how to pack. So, as you would have guessed, I packed poorly- not takin ginto account that, sure, while it was a scorching 98 degrees in Denver, the top of Pikes Peak saw much cooler, 39 degree temps. Yep, and there was rain and sleet and wind and all sorts of increment weather that at any other time of year I would have been well prepared for. However, on this certain day, I was throw for a loop in my recently purchased J. Crew polo, light H&M sweatshirt, windbreaker, and Levi’s.

Speaking of the Crew,  I realized that, via a comment from a new friend of mine on an older post of mine, I hadn’t check out the retailer in quite some time. Not that I’m in the business of saving money (which is probably a good idea, though), I haven’t actually driven my car in three weeks. When i started the new job, they gave me a bus pass. Read: I haven’t made it to the mall between night out in downtown, where the bus drops me, and taking full advantage of mass trans. That aside, I popped in, said hey to Ryan, snagged a new polo (which I wore all weekend, weather and change of clothes be damned), two pairs of pants, and almost the new J. Crew toggle sweater (pictured). Seeing it up close, I was taken with it, but having recently purchased a fisherman’s cable knit, I made the executive decision to not go forth. I wouldn’t have worn it to the Hill Climb, anyway. For that, next year, I’m thinking heavy parka, Under Armor tops and bottoms, wool socks, gloves, and a beanie. Polo? Hell yes.

Patience is a virtue. The proof is in the plaid.

J Crew Ties on sale

Bag em up.

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong? Maybe your car won’t start. You missed your train. The weather sucks. You ripped your favorite pants. Spilled coffee on your shirt. You dog dies. You know, it’s one of those days. Well, friend-o, I was having a hell of one this week and decided the only remedy was free samples at Whole Foods followed by retail therapy, where, at J. Crew, I became the proud owner of two new ties. If those alone weren’t enough to get me feeling better, the reduced price was. Score.Ten deep breaths later, I was a new man…full of free food and only a few bucks poorer. Investments, man. Investments.

J Crew Plaid tie

Deal, Howie.

J Crew Madras Tie

Dumbass banker.