100 Days of Ties

UPDATE 01/06/2011:

Alright – Here’s the update. The party has officially been named “Tied and True.” The venue is close to being inked. And on top of the party itself, I am urging everyone who comes to either donate some funds or an article or two of clothing to a charitywhich still needs to be fleshed out as well.

See you in a month!

RSVP now.

UPDATE 12/01/2010:

Here’s the plan: We’re having the 100 Days of Ties party in New York City.
When: Saturday, February 5th, 2011
Where: TBD

I will be flying in on Friday most likely and rocking out until Sunday. We’ll throw down somewhere Saturday night, toss back a few cocktails, shoot the breeze and toast to a job well done.

This is what we need: A place for the event and for anyone and everyone to RSVP on the EventBrite Page. Also, I am trying to maybe see if the 100 Days community could pool a few bucks and help out with my airfare to the city.

Let’s do this!


I counted, finally. The end of the 100 Days is officially January 27th, 2011 barring unforeseen circumstances that may hinder the wearing of a tie for a day. This takes into account legal holidays observed at my work. But rest assured, that even when i work from home or might be sick or take a day off, that tie will be on… Well, we’ll see about sick days I guess.

I started this project on a whim and to reup the style I let go by the wayside. Plus, my ties were collecting dust, and after building my collection, this aggression will not stand. At first, all I planned on doing was to wear a tie for 100 (work) days in a row. While this is not out of the norm for a good number of people, it’s not standard practice around my offices.

What started as a flight of fancy has turned into something more. As the days progress, I would like to see more and more contributions from readers resulting in a community of tie wearings joining forces. Just a group of people who like to look sharp.

Then, we party in NYC upon completion of the 100 Days.

January or early February 2011. Book your flight today.

Submit your pictures here.

The 100 Days of Tie Community:

16 responses to “100 Days of Ties

  1. May I suggest the Tribeca Tavern? Great beers on tap, plus a cool downtown location up the block from Liquor Store, and around the corner from my favorite Manhattan restaurant, Walkers. And if you feel like spending an extra few bucks for a perfect place to stay, Robert DeNiro’s swank Greenwich Hotel is also within walking distance. Top-notch rooms, great service, and a laid back lounge make it one of the more modern, yet classically elegant hotels in the city. I should write this stuff for a living…oh, wait.

  2. Also locanda verde is right around there for some of the best homey, yet chic, italian in the city…

    • momentumoffailure

      It’s sad, I can’t remember so many of my fave NYC spots. I do know that Fred’s on the UWS will always have a special place in my heart for so many reasons. Chai Kitching out in BK (Billysburg) is amazing too. Some of the best thai I have ever had.

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  4. What a great blog! I love your 100 day mission. Thanks for sharing!

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