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Afternoon Delight: Opening Day Nachos

possiblyperfectnachos_550So either your hometown team is playing away tonight or you didn’t get tickets to the season opener – or you did and I hate you. Not really. But not going to the park tonight won’t stop me from enjoying the fine fare offered up there. Like these nachos with homemade chips courtesy of Macheesmo (Recipe). If spicy isn’t your thang, try a different take of the popular mexican food via Sweet Nachos from Stephanie’s Kitchen (Recipe). Yeah that’s cinammon-sugar tortillas with vanilla ice cream and honey butter piled on top. Damn.sweetnachos

The Sealpelt

the-sealpeltFirst there was the Snuggie – the blanket with sleeves. Well, now there’s the Sealpelt ($400) by Vík Prjónsdóttir. Yeah that’s a sleeping bag made from 100% Icelandic wool which may or may not be better than good ol’ U.S. of A. wool. It’s much colder there so I’m thinking it is.

[Via LikeCool]

Opening Day 2009

jackierobinsonwithgroupToday is opening day at baseball stadiums nationwide. I still remember my first MLB game: my dad packed me and my brothers into the station wagon and headed downtown to Mile High Stadium. Colorado had only recently got their first major league team so the crowd was enormous. Entering the stadium, the intoxicating smells of hot dogs and beer wofted down the cement corridors and up the ramps. We bought a few dogs and headed to our seats. The first time I saw the field, I swear I’d never seen such a rich shade of green. I sank into my plastic seat, bit into my hot dog and found a personal heaven. To this day, I haven’t eaten anything so sweet. It’s going to be a good season. Play ball.

hotdogPhoto: Flickr

The Seiko Fieldmaster

seikofieldmastersEver found yourself thinking, “You know who had real style that I’d like to mimic? Those Nicuraguan Contras of the 1980s.” I realize that might be an uncommon sentiment, but when you realize their watch of choice was the Seiko Fieldmaster ($845), you may start to. This is the original watch, too, not a reissue. So it’s rare. And it’s in perfect working condition. That justifies the price tag, doesn’t it?

[Via Hodinkee Via WatchestoBuy]

Monday Sweetfix – Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

It’s Monday morning. The weekend is over. The week is looking long. And you’re probably a little hungover. But, hey, there’s still hope in the world. Like Nosh and Tell’s Peanut Butter Cup Brownies. Feel better? You should. I would personally like to thank Nosh and Tell for the recipe. I’m making these badboys for Lost night this week.

[Via NoshandTell]

Red Wing | Mocassin Mid

redwingcshoq1-500x375Come mid-may, you will be able to wrap your feet in Red Wing’s Mocassin Mids ($220). Hand-sewn oily brown leather outer and soft and comfy leather insoles are indicative of Red Wing’s high-quality shoes and make these mocs worth every red cent.

[Via Cultureshoq]

BBlessing Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

bblessing-iNew York-based BBlessing’s 2009 Spring/Summer 2009 line draws its inspiration from the historically notorious hijacker, D.B. Cooper. Blues and grays paint the slim-fitted dress shirts and slacks, keeping the collection simple and classic. Check out BBlessing’s lookbook for the complete line. And until April 7th, their online shop will be offering a 15% discount on shipping. So, hurry.

[Via BBlessing via SlamxHype]