Bagua Shoes 2009 Collection ON SALE!

fondgris_20Payday’s tomorrow which means Friday night is the time I get to get silly and make an online purchase despite the saving I’m doing for next week’s Chicago trip. But as I am just too excited to look even remotely like Bruce Lee, I think I will order a pair of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Bagua shoes ($76). I reported first on them back in March and have been waiting patiently for some release news. Now they’re for sale. In lots of colors. See after the jump.


6 responses to “Bagua Shoes 2009 Collection ON SALE!

  1. Hey I was Googling these shoes and you blog came up, very nice btw.

    Did you ever end up buying these? If so, how are they? What is the sizing like?

  2. some colours and size available on ebay , for big quantity other model and size , please contact the seller.

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