Golden: G Shock Watches: G300G-9A

yhst-87688696521453_2053_326002419When you retire, aren’t you supposed to get a golden watch? Isn’t that the tradition? I can’t wait to retire. Except for the fact that all the social security is going to be gone by then, and I will probably end up working well into my 100s (yes, I plan on living a looooooong life). I want to be one of those old guys who retired from his career job and now works at Wendy’s. Crotchety as all get out, but bored as hell so I took a part time job just to hassle today’s youth by screwing up their orders. “But I’m old. I can’t hear very well. You can’t fire me.” That’ll be the day. I’ll still be wearing a G Shock hopefully, though. Because I’ll be a cool old guy.


One response to “Golden: G Shock Watches: G300G-9A

  1. A new watch has been introduced from Casio Watch. Not only will this watch be more shock resistant but it will also be scratch resistant. The new design contains a chronograph and solar dial. Using the latest in technology, the band is made of Titanium and the glass is pure sapphire. There are only about 1,000 available

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