Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine

517809QCVRL._SS500_I have a morning routine: Wake up at 5am on the dot. Brew the coffee. Flip on the morning news. Pick out my clothes for the day. Dress. Write a few blog posts. Go back for the coffee. Drink the pot. Finalize hair and brush teeth. Out the door at 7am. If something disrupts this, I am off the rest of the day. That said, what I’ve come to find is a good coffee machine is an investment, not a purchase. Meaning, you can not spend too much on one. That’s why the $332 pricetag on the Espressione Espresso Machine doesn’t seem too outta sight to me. More colors after this.


2 responses to “Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine

  1. We sell this machine and I personally own it home. Its reliable and always makes the best espresso. While we sell it for $399 you do get a lifetime connection to a company that can service & repair your espresso machine when you may need it. SO the $60 you may save on Amazon could come back and haunt you.

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