Grenade x Oakley Frogskins

Grenade_FrogskinsresizeCan someone explain to me the trend of throwing a huge GRENADE sticker on your Nissan X-Terra? Seriously, I see them everywhere. X-Terra. BAM. Grenade Sticker. What’s the deal? Were they free with purchase? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on? Well, whatever. Despite the copious amounts of Frogskin colorways, I sort of like the Grenade x Oakley Frogskins the most. I mean, army green AND limited edition? Please, mistuh, can I have some more?


One response to “Grenade x Oakley Frogskins

  1. nah, grenade is just a really great snowboard outerwear (formerly just gloves) company. i mean, danny kass started that shit and he’s the shit. i said shit too much… shit. but i agree, it’s a bit played out, and nobody who drives an xterra is punk

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