Grocery Store Find: Sierra Nevada Mustard

51nrb4Hz4EL._SS500_I found myself in the Highlands last Saturday at Sunflower doing a bit of grocery shopping: some tofu, vegetables, almonds, olives…good stuff. I buy a bottle of the same hot sauce everytime I’m there. This time, though, I noticed a mustard sale. So I checked out the varieties. It was then I came across Sierra Nevada’s brand. I had no idea the beer company dabbled in the condiment business. I snagged a jar of the Pale Ale / Honey Spice ($3.50). They have a few other flavors, too. Amazing. Especially with chicken on rye. C’mon lunchtime.


2 responses to “Grocery Store Find: Sierra Nevada Mustard

  1. Their brewery was in the same town as my college. Besides numerous beers that are only served in Chico and never bottled, they do have a whole series of these mustards. I think there is a total of 5 different versions.

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