Alife Rivington Club Fiamma

file_4a25899a19008I went through my shoes this morning and started down the path of making the difficult choices of which to keep and which to get rid of. It’s a pain in the ass but given that shoes are literally falling off the rack in my closet now, it’s imperative. I sort of can’t wait to get home tonight and get down to business with it. Come to think of it, this isn’t going to be that tough. Seriously, when I think of the bottom shoe boxes that haven’t been opened in perhaps a year, this may actually be fun. Problem is, when I see shoes like the A.R.C.’s ($90), I’m all, “What’s another pair? I ain’t hurtin noone.” But you are, good sir. You are.


2 responses to “Alife Rivington Club Fiamma

  1. the alife rivington club boutique was right next to st. jeromes and whilst enjoying cigarettes i’d often peer through the grate and look at their marvelous collection of shoes. all super cherry. i was only in the neighborhood once when they were open though. i keep my l.e.s. hours late ya dig?

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