Handmade PAM X Colab sunglasses

Picture 11Though I’m quite loyal in wearing my Anon Hollyweird’s everyday, I have made a concerted effort to switch it up a bit between my Super’s, Ray Ban’s and Electric’s among the vast other styles of shades I don’t wear on the daily. I’ve been getting better about it but, again, it’s like the shoe predicament I’m in. It’s just time to get rid of a whole slew of them. Perhaps I should hold a Momentum of Failure Garage Sale. In fact, that’s a tremendous idea. I can purge my belongings, clear some space in my place, and hopefully garner enough earnings to afford these rad PAM x Colab shades ($248). Because what’s more rewarding than sporting something you know you’ve earned? Maybe getting it for free. But that’s the only exception. More views.


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