Lakai Limited Footwear: RECYCLED SERIES

Picture 1Let’s face it: “going green” is in. Though further proof is needed to convince me of actual Global Warming, I’ve taken to ABC gum. No. No, that’s a lie. That’s gross. Though I do recall sharing gum with a girlfriend when I was in high school. I liked punk music and skateboarding. Germs were the least of my worries. So ahead of the times, I was. I wore Lakai’s back then, too, come to think of it. They didn’t have as many styles as they offer now, and the Recycled Series ($55) was still just a twinkle in their mother’s eye, but I remember them kicks being super comfy. Another view after this. mercersel-blkrecycle2-icons


One response to “Lakai Limited Footwear: RECYCLED SERIES

  1. those lean editions are great i think i’m going to get some of the red’s

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