Pretty Green Limited: Clothing from Liam Gallagher

Picture 8We all know what happens when actors try to become rockstars…See: Dogstar, 30 Odd Foot of Grunt, Thunderbox, Jamie Foxx, etc. It’s a little less common for rockstars though to make the clothing design leap, unless you’re B. Spears, Mizz Hilton, Miley Cyrus, etc. Sure there are some more. Say, for instance, UK sibling rivaler, Liam Gallagher of Oasis. Similar to what you see him donning on stage, Pretty Green Limited boasts a collection of hats, scarves, polos, knits, t’s and parkas. On a different note, if I hear one more person bad-mouth Bruce Willis & The Accelerators, I’m going to lose it. More collection after this.

2 responses to “Pretty Green Limited: Clothing from Liam Gallagher

  1. A’hem… B. Spears, Mizz Hilton and Miley Cyrus are NOT rockstars. (Thus, adding weight to your argument) America has a sick fascination to with prepubescent teens being whored out by their own families (and then we call it branding, but not rocking).

    Sorry about the tangent.

  2. momentumoffailure

    Semantics, my dear friend. But alas you’re correct. They do not partake in the “rock” portion of “rockstar.”

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