Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses at JCrew

erezWithout fail, I somehow fit at least 3 episodes a night of the OC in. And it’s never in any sequential order. Well, the episodes are, but the nights aren’t. Last night I jumped to the end of the series. Last night I was on season 2. Last week, I was all over season 1 and 3. I dig Seth’s dress-code. And I sometimes wish I lived near the beach instead of mountains. It would call for so many more strawhat and Ray-Ban Clubmaster ($139) days. Shorts and a tanktop. Sandals. The surf. Hanging out with Sandy and Kirsten. That’d be fun.


3 responses to “Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses at JCrew

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  2. Ray Ban makes great sunglasses. I love the Wayferers

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