Ridley Motorcycles: The Flyer Motorbike Kit

Picture 12My dad gave me a busted old Kawasaki motorcycle a few years back saying that if I could get it to work, it was all mine. Then I moved to NYC. The bike sat and sat and never got fixed. Upon my return home, it was still in the garage at the folk’s house. I never did get around to getting it to work. Follow-through wasn’t a strong suit, which doesn’t bode well for me ever completing a daunting kit like the Flyer Motorbike ($2500), but hey, maybe I can turn over a new leaf. Finally, I think, my mom’s friend was able to fix the bike and took it off their hands. Now, of course, I want it.


One response to “Ridley Motorcycles: The Flyer Motorbike Kit

  1. check out derringercycles.com. i think they’re a bit more stylish.

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