Triple Five Soul – Addict Laptop Bag

Picture 3My buddy, Andy, had my copy of Big Lebowski for about two months. He watched it the day I let him borrow it, then threw it in his backpack and carried it everywhere with him on the off chance we ran into each other. Weeks went by and we were just too busy to ever hook up. Finally, during a Nuggets playoff game, we ran into each other at a tavern. Sure enough he had it in his small bag. If he had a bag the size of Triple Five Soul’s Addict ($65), we would never have found it. You know how things just go missing in bags themselves? Like women and purses and keys. Gents, messenger bags and dvds. Same thing.


One response to “Triple Five Soul – Addict Laptop Bag

  1. I think this bag is really cool looking. Its very modern and contemporary.

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