Lippi Selk’ Sleeping Bag

lippi-selk'bag-sleep-wear-systemWhat’s the worst thing about camping? Short answer: nothing. Long answer: the next morning, waking up in a glaring Sun, scrounging for water, stinking to high-heaven of campfire and light beer, and the duty of cleaning up. Compound this on the inevitable waking up to nature’s call and having to leave your sleeping bag in the cold night? Lippi Selk Sleeping Bag ($100) is lookin pret=ty tempting now, doesn’t it?


4 responses to “Lippi Selk’ Sleeping Bag

  1. These are awesome. 100% Recommended. Very warm and comfortable. I just got a green one. I got it from this website:

    • momentumoffailure

      Im going camping this weekend and definitely would be the talk-of-the-site if i sported this. Eff yeah.

  2. Whats the point? The only time u ever need to get out of your sleeping bag is to piss. Theres no crotch zipper. You guys thought this one out real well.

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