Red Truck Wine Mini Barrel

redtruckbarrelAmanda moved into a new place way far from her old place, causing one huge rift in her space/time continuum: she has to become accustomed to a new liquor store. And for the two of us, that’s a big deal. We went to her new booze shoppe to get the normal white and champy order, when I noticed the Red Truck Barrel ($30). Thing’s effin rad….if it were white wine. I don’t do reds anymore. But I do still listen to Bright Eyes.


One response to “Red Truck Wine Mini Barrel

  1. I do miss Nate’s… oh, Raul, Sandra and Jose… (Just a hunch, but I’m thinkin the establishment had been called Nate’s before they purchased it and they just didn’t want to change the sign.)

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