Clot x Head Porter Plus Ruck Sack

blackSo as I made very apparent yesterday via Tweets and texts, I was a sick lil guy. All day I was just weak and nauseas and awnry (one of my fave words, btw). I’m good today thanks in large part to an impromptu 3 hour walk I took later in the day yesterday for the sake of fresh air and some Vitamin D. While I was out, I came across this homeless guy, drunk as a skunk, falling over, dropping all his stuff, yelling nonsensically, and asking me for money. Funny thing was, aside from some of the things he was yelling about, at the same time he was asking me for money, he was dropping all of the bills and change he had collected and wasn’t bothering to pick them up. Had he stuffed said funds in a proper Ruck Sack ($387), he wouldn’t be having that problem. However, I don’t think he could afford the Clot x Head Porter one.

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