Keds Royal Master Mid Leather Basketball Shoe

167670_1_alvWhen I was a lad, methinks I was sort of a prick at times. I would get upset when my folks refused to buy me the “Air” versions of Nikes. In turn, I’d get hassled on the schoolyard for having the “cheap” variety of the Jordan’s. Looking back, my parents made the right choice. My feet grew fast and there was no point in shelling out the bigger bucks for kicks I’d soon grow out of. But I would razz the kids who wore Keds, thinking they were even cheaper than me. Ass. I mean, they weren’t sportin the Royal Masters ($75) or anything, but really, a shoe is just a shoe. It’s not a reflection of character. Unless you’re deadset on always wearing only the very limited editions of everything. Then it’s sorta like, “Dude. Really? Might wanna think about maybe getting a life…”


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