Super Flat Top Havana Glitter for Generic Man

188_flatop_1I did a little sleuthing last night on Super’s specialty Flat Tops produced for Generic Man’s pop-up shop at space 15Twenty in LA. THey aren’t available on Super’s site. Neigh. I had to email the staff at space 15Twenty, getting a reply from a manager of some sort at an area Urban Outfitters. The Havana Glitters are good and on the expensive side at $176, but come on! Look at them! They’re bodacious! He’s spinning the ball on his finger! Just take it!

6 responses to “Super Flat Top Havana Glitter for Generic Man

  1. I just got mine, they’re way bomb.. awesome post-

  2. i just got mine in the mail, they’re my 4th pair and probably the most bomb, awesome post-

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  4. Just pre-ordered my paid from

    Set to drop at the end of July:

    They also got a bunch of other Super pre-orders up that ive been searching for like the all black flat top and a new black and gold flat top.

  5. Yea go to, they have alot of selection. I bought 2 pairs: flat black, and classic black- – thought about matte black but il wait for another day. One thing about, if you pre-order make sure what your buying is your final choice because once you click the order button you cant change or cancel it because it is and it will continue to “process” on their site so if you want to switch you have to wait to recieve it then return/exchange it

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