The 400 in Denver

Picture 1So on Monday when I was as sick as a poor pound puppy, I decided to take a 3 hour walk to clear my head/lungs/body of toxins and whatever else was ravaging it that day. I made my way down to Platte to check out this spice shop when I remembered that Denver’s own 400 was next door. I don’t so much remember as much as I did see it as I exited the spicery. I popped in and got to talk to the owner, Randy. Good due for sure. Told me about the new 10 Deep and Adidas Consortiums they got in that day. I was focussed more on the Clae Cousteaus though. I still want those damn shoes. Anyway, we talked and it was cool and now I think we’re gonna throw some party. We Tweeted each other. I’ll let you know how that pans out.

One response to “The 400 in Denver

  1. uuuuuugh. they had fun parties when they were on bannock.

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