IdeaPaint by Behance Creative Outfitters

ideapaintMy dad and I finished out the basement of our old house and put my bedroom down there. I got this bright idea to have anyone who visited my new digs to sign my wall with a Sharpie. Brilliant, Will. Sheer brilliance. What a dumb idea. Had I painted the walls with IdeaPaint ($175), it would have been cool. So long as my friends didn’t sign with Sharpies and opted for the necessary Dry Erase pens. More shots….


2 responses to “IdeaPaint by Behance Creative Outfitters

  1. This is such a great idea. The cheaper, and less fun way, is buying shower board. I was looking at huge dry erase boards for up to $300. I ended finding a 4 x 8 shower board for $15.

  2. Kevin Montgomery

    Markerboards from Egan Visual will erase Sharpies with with no problems, no ghosting, etc.

    Have you seen this video? It shows the idea pretty well.

    The Egan website is


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