Modern Amusement MA16 Reviewed

maThis is the first of what I hope is many user-submitted product reviews. Kicking off the trend, my friend Ben in Chicago picked up a pair of Modern Amusement’s MA16 shades and had some sweet things to say about them.

“Everything is clear; they block out the sun; man, I gotta get me some.”  Unlike the sunglasses that anthemic diddy was written about (admit it, you know you almost bought a pair of BluBlockers at 4am when you were drunk), Modern Amusement MA16 sunglasses do not suck; all other claims are true.

I walked into Akira in Chicago knowing full well that everything was overpriced.  I began talking to the slighty too-hot, slightly too-trendy style assistant (trust me, don’t call them salespeople) who showed me the Modern Amusement MA16 sunglasses.  It was at this point in time I knew the plastic wasn’t going to remain in the new Stewart Stand wallet.  When she mentioned the leather arms and the driftwood bridge, the speed at which it was removed would have emasculated Wild Bill Hickok.  You read that correctly, garnished with leather and driftwood.

How many people in Chicago wear Oakley-esque specs? I saw three walk by my office when I was buying Red Bull.
How many people in Chicago wear shades with driftwood and leather?  One.  I just saw him in the mirror.

The MA 16’s cradle your face in such a way that makes your head the accessory.  UV-A,B, and C, blue light, glare… all afterthoughts.  MA16’s are the optical equivalent of an Omega watch: simple, elegant, refined, and yet, indescribably awesome.  The question isn’t really whether or not you need these sunglasses; the question is, can you get your credit card out faster than the guy next to you?

– Ben

Ben can be reached at . I look forward to many more reviews from this outstanding young man.


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