eBay Find: RetroSuperFuture Classic Sunglasses

super01I’m finally getting the prescription filled and have new lenses put into my Ciccios by RetroSuperFuture. It’s as good of time as any seeing as how I gotta cross-country drive to do this week and come dusk/night, I’m blind behind the wheel. Also, I ordered yet another pair of Supers this past weekend. I got some Sky blue ones, but these red ones were a close second. The Auction ends in about 2 days, so I got some time to decide still I suppose…


3 responses to “eBay Find: RetroSuperFuture Classic Sunglasses

  1. Hey,
    If you’re that munch into RetroSuperFuture I guess you would be interested hearing that we’re currently giving some away at MINI Space:


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