Free Pinkberry Friday June 26, 2009

Picture 1My coworker and I were talking yesterday about what a shame it is living 8.5 hours from the closest Trader Joe’s. Last time I was near one, I snagged a bag of peanutbutter-filled pretzels and busted them out to share with him yesterday. Damn good. Add Pinkberry to the list of shops I took for granted when I lived close to one. And with the yogurt purveryor handing out free cups this Friday, add envy to the list of emotions I’m feeling now to those of you close enough to a locale to get some and try their new flavors.


One response to “Free Pinkberry Friday June 26, 2009

  1. Thanks for this post! I am researching Freebies for my Friday post. I wish we had a Pinkberry in VA:-( I love Trader Joe’s! The closest one is about 35 miles from me and so I don’t get there too often.

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