Buy green, be green.

First, a disclaimer:  I am not an individual that will go out of his way to “be green.” That being said, if you can get great products AND help the environment, I’m all for it. Apparently “green” doesn’t just refer to the color of money; who knew?


The picture is self-explanatory.  It’s a rechargeable battery (all standard sizes available) that you charge with a USB port.  You obviously have a computer, or else you wouldn’t be reading this. First of all, batteries are expensive. They also happen to be incredibly bad for the environment and a pain in the ass to recharge. Let’s be honest, no one carries around a battery recharger. When was the last time there wasn’t a free USB port in arms reach?  That’s what I thought.  If this wasn’t enough, they also have cell phone batteries!

Do it! Do it now!



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