A Man’s [Sanctuary].

The Blue Lounge Sanctuary is one of the best purchases I have made in 2009 (liquor not included, obviously).  I was guilty, like many of you I’m sure, of the electronic wire orgy (Cell, iPod, Bluetooth, Cell, pda, etc, etc). While the Instructable’s IKEA charging station is available for like FIVE whole dollars, let’s be honest here, it looks like shit.  I don’t want a rubbermaid container sitting on my desk massacring my Feng Shui.  So I bought the Blue Lounge Sanctuary. It has twelve built-in connectors and one usb slot to plug in one of your own (additional iPod, proprietary phone, etc).  The cables all route neatly through the bottom and then you just put your stuff in.  Rat’s nests beware.



2 responses to “A Man’s [Sanctuary].

  1. Just bought this one from ThinkGeek and love it. A cheaper alternative to your Blue Lounge one.


    • Cobalt Infinity

      I owned like four or five different types like the one you got from ThinkGeek. I wasn’t a fan of the surge strip, the fact you have to supply your own chargers, and the aesthetics. It definitely does have a much better price point, but it depends on your other accoutrements. I already have a pretty sweet RedEnvelope dresser valet so I didn’t need to extra functionality.

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