That’s It, That’s All. The HD Snowboard Film by Redbull and Quiksilver

thatsitthatsallI haven’t seen a snowboard flick in years. (Who says “flick”?) And I think the last skateboard one was Enjoi’s Bag of Suck, and even that’s dated now. Honestly, watching these types of videos now discourages me. THey used to inspire me to go ride/skate, but when I now see 13 year olds hucking themselves off cliffs and double 10-sets, I get all, “Man. I will never be that good. And that kid is 14 years younger than me.” Then I take into account that these youths’ knees are gonna be messed up before they’re 20, and I feel a little better. Even given this discouragement, I think Redbull/Quiksilver’s HD video That’s It, That’s All is still worth checking out. They used the same cameras as the guys sho shot Planet Earth. Just awesome.


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