You down with O.D.M.?


Yeah you know me! (I couldn’t help myself.) O.D.M. is a Hong-Kong based watch manufacturer that had a bit of an identity crisis (Just think of the last time you ‘popped your colla’) and went through some self-discovery. They emerged as a company that creates “inno-trendy timewear” with nods to both classic style and futuristic ridiculousness.  Think Tokyoflash that you can ACTUALLY read. In the spirit of full-disclosure, I don’t have an O.D.M. timepiece. Yet.  With prices ranging from $100 – $300 I might just buy two.  Or three.  Going the latter route means you get one whole watch for free. FREE. Sure, you gotta buy three first, but that’s still a 25% discount per watch. Discounts so good you could find them at the Rack.

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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