The Modern Amusement Schooner watch (much like the famed Schooner La Amistad on which the movie was based) represents a revolution. This one doesn’t involve violence (sorry), but it does involve slaves.  In this case, it’s slaves to The Man. I say, nay, I DEMAND revolution from this thinking. We can’t all get away with Nixon Rubber Players at work, but that doesn’t mean your go-to wrist accessory (computers keep the time, watches just look good) has to be boring. Revolt! Wearing the same watch every day of the week? Revolt! Did your mom buy you a watch? Revolt! (Unless it’s a Rolex, in which case I got nothing.) The point is, you don’t have to sport the same boring, tired, bland watch that every other cubicle dweller does. Revolt!

The MA Schooner watch has an MSRP of $225, but you can find it all over the Internet for around $100 (you know you know how to do this). You already saw the “action” shots of the watch on my wrist (first person to make a joke about my tiny wrist is SO banned) and stretched to length. The watch has a solid weight, solid clasp, and is generally sturdy. The standard blue MA color accents are present as is the crow (even on the crown). What I love about this watch is the case. The color juxtaposition on the face, along with the orientation difference versus the bracelet, really set this watch apart. The offset dial, and its color, don’t hurt the cause either.

Now you wonder, why screw with the style layout of the pictures by putting in portrait and landscape pictures (you don’t even WANT to know how long this took)? Take a closer look at the bracelet, particularly on the bottom edges of the links. I have owned this watch for the better part of a year, and it is one of the few watches I don’t take off at work. Why? Because it doesn’t rash. There are almost NO rash marks on this watch. I don’t know how MA did it, but everyone else needs to revolt from their current process and do it the MA way. This one is a keeper. Keeper of time, style AND beer money.

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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