Free College Degrees!

This isn’t an advertisement for University of Phoenix, I promise. Today on The Lure we’re offering free Ph.Ds in Ornithology courtesy of well, us, and Modern Amusement. As I’m sure you are all aware, Will and I have an almost dysfunctional love of Modern Amusement products. Turns out they’re having a sale on all eyewear through their online store, just enter promo code “SEE20” at checkout. We are also going to have a bunch of drops about everything from watches (Icon, Schooner) to shoes (Sperry + MA topsiders) which is why it isn’t a degree in Optometry.


Pick up a pair of these 51’s Will reviewed for the low, low price of $140. That’s like FIFTY PERCENT cheaper than that bottle of Ketel you were going to buy at the club Saturday EXCEPT you get to take these home. Or you just buy both and the 51’s will help cover up the bad decisions you made during Sunday brunch.

WARNING: While all Modern Amusement glasses make everything look better (you included), they are NOT beer goggles. Nothing will fix THAT mistake.

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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