I don’t have an iPhone. I get it. No denying the More Buffalo Collection Case for The Storm…

buffaloI am constantly defending why I own a Blackberry Storm. Not that I mind. I can hold my own. And while I stand firm on my hypePhone stance, it does function better than the Storm. I am man enough to admit to that. But you know what, suckas? My plan costs me a total of $0/month. And I got the phone for free. So it would seem that even though the device can get fritzier than Andy Dick on a bender, it makes sense for me to have it. And I like to keep my lil guy safe. And since I’m in the market for a new case, why not go classy and snag More’s Buffalo Collection ($33)? Pro: People will probably stop talking about my Storm and focus on the case. Con: None that I can foresee. Oh, other than I hear it’s supposed to rain yet again this weekend.


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