Party Basics: Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster

bbq-sr-peppersWell, what started as an innocent Tweet yesterday about throwing a Lure party in Denver at the end of August has blossomed into an actual possibility of it happening. However, in one of the initial mentions of it, I said we could raise money for 1000 tacos…for some reason. I guess I was reaching for a theme/reason to have the party, as if partying itself isn’t enough reason to party. What? At any rate, I showed the Jalapeno Popper Roaster ($20) to Ben and he promptly urged me to buy it for the party, saying that if I didn’t, he wouldn’t come. Not that I’ve pulled the trigger yet on it, but he does make a convincing case. However, if the shindig gets as big as I would like, one of these little badboys isn’t going to be enough. We’re all gonna need to bring one.


2 responses to “Party Basics: Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster

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