The Lamp Is A Spy!

hypolux Or a Medic. Just please don’t inject my light fixture. Really. I’m not kidding people; those needles are filled with air and you REALLY don’t want an embolism (I heard they’re bad times). It’s also high-quality, top-of-THE-line Kilimanjaro air in there and that stuff is hard to come by. Ok, that last part is a lie, but embolisms are no laughing matter. I cannot even begin to fathom why someone would look at a hypodermic needle (at least they cleaned them first) and say, “Hey, let’s make a lamp out of that!” but someone did. You know what? I like it. A lot.

If nothing else, it’s a great conversation piece.  “Hey, you check out my needles? They have Kilimanjaro air in them.” No one can argue with statements like that at a party. Just make sure you hide the ladders lest someone decide to call you out on it. And, according to FictionFactor, embolisms are like almost the most popular way to kill Vampires in amateur writing. So there’s also that.

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

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