Defining Manliness…Sorta. Stainless Steel Koozie

can-ss-holderRiddle me this, Batman: Why would one buy a stainless steel koozie ($18) but put a damn Diet Coke in it? That’s like buying a Maserati and going the speed limit. Only beer cans go in a koozie, especially a metal one. Among the preferred brews: PBR, Miller High Life, or Corona (in the can). I won’t bust your chops too much if you decide that a Heini or Rolling Rock in there though. Just, no diet soda.


4 responses to “Defining Manliness…Sorta. Stainless Steel Koozie

  1. I have one of these! only mine is blinged out with my initials in gold inlay what WHAAAT!

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