Wet Hot American Summer of Sam : Malibu Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V

corvetteheroYou remember that part at the end of One Crazy Summer when the Whatsamatta-U boat (skippered by a young John Cusack) blows the back off of itself to reveal a Ferrari engine ripped from that pompous, blonde sonuvabitch’s ride? How sweet was that? But I’d be so pissed if it were my car. I don’t think an Integra engine would exactly wow anyone the way a Ferrari’s would, but still. I hated Demi Moore in that flick by the way. And wasn’t Booger in that movie? Anyway, you can sorta live the movie, without a hippie Demi, and actually be that guy we all didn’t root for but as time went by and we all got older, we realized was way cooler than Cusack’s pathetic character.


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