Steel and Wallets and Identity Theft! Oh My!


We’re not in Kansas anymore folks. Gone are the days of the boring leather tryfold backpocket wallet (wallet weight-loss tips here) wrecking your jeans and blandifying (I just made that word up, deal with it.) your appearance. We now live in a world where a man doesn’t have to make decisions about his accessories based solely on what’s on the end cap at the Big Box.

Independent designers are bringing us die-cut leather colors (J. Fold), rubber (Nooka), and stainless steel. Stainless steel you exclaim? You heard me right, stainless steel.  Now you can match your wallet to your appliances, utensils, aftermarket car parts and well, anything else that’s stainless. (I hope for your sake it doesn’t match the carpet or the drapes cause that would just be creepy.)

Stewart Stand rolled out a product that uses stainless steel cloth (technical fabric) and, in some cases, leather and texture to throw the proverbial wrench (probably not stainless) into the men’s accessory works. It’s steel, it’s “stainless”, it looks amazing, AND it protects you from identity theft. The stainless steel cloth actually prevents RFID signals from broadcasting through the wallet. Take THAT computer RFID hacker guy (all kidding aside, this isn’t actually as difficult as you would imagine)!

The one you see above is the “Driving Wallet with License Holder” which I snagged for $75. It’s slim, it’s got the perfect amount of pockets so you don’t overstuff, and its “fresh.” I will be the first to admit it; I have a fetish for accessories. It’s an addiction, maybe even a disease. If you’re reading this you are probably similarly afflicted. I have the prescription (it’s not cowbell) and it’s Stewart Stand.

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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