Thanks dude. Your kicks are money dollars.


Full Disclosure: I hate Nike. I also don’t own these kicks…YET. I just left the office to get some “fresh” air and happened upon a fellow wearing these kicks, jeans, and a flavored Bitton oxford (Business casual, fml). I happen to be wearing a Rubber Player right now, so I didn’t even have to swallow my Business casual pride to start a conversation. He approached me. The conversation went like this:

Leather-Shoes: “Dude, that watch is fresh.”
Rubber-Watch: “Thanks dude. Your kicks are money dollars”
Leather-Shoes: “Thanks dude, where’d you get that watch?”
Rubber-Watch: “The Internet, man. The Internet.”
Leather-Shoes: “Sweet man, where?”
Rubber-Watch: “ Where’d those hypa-fly kicks come from?”
Leather-Shoes: “, dude.”
Rubber-Watch: “Sweet. Later.”
Leather-Shoes: “Later.”

Alright, alright, NO one actually talks like that outside of MySpace. But you know what? I connected with this random guy on an emotional and stylistic level and you can’t take that from me. What you can take is a link to buy these shoes. Here. Take it. Ruin my fun.

On an aside, I dug through like fifteen pages of Zappos inventory and couldn’t find these shoes, so the Amazon link will have to do. Feel free to look for yourself, but you will end up with a whole shopping cart of shit you didn’t yet know you needed. It’s kind of like reading this site but on a much grander scale. Don’t come crying to us when you buy fifteen new pairs of shoes. I’m just sayin’.

-Rubber Watch (@CobaltInfinity)


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