Snakeskin + Leather + Diamonds = Nixon?

nixonmaloofMy love of all things Nixon is only diminished with my love of unique creations (Nooka, SnackOn, Braithwaite, Fedaboa, et al.). Here’s something that fits both categories and, unfortunately, none of us is ever likely to own. While I cannot attest to the quality of this SPECIFIC 51-30, I own plenty of Nixon watches (the number disgusts even me) and one of them is a 51-30.

My 51-30 is huge, heavy and gorgeous, but it has a bracelet and not a band. I can only imagine how awesome it would be if it had 2 carats of diamonds, a python/Italian leather band, and was valued at around $10,000. *drool*

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


2 responses to “Snakeskin + Leather + Diamonds = Nixon?

  1. One can only dream ben.

  2. Cobalt Infinity

    Then dream I shall!

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