Staying in Friday night with a good read: The E Pluribus Venom Book

Picture 1High-res photos of hipsters and stuff on cats make great fodder for coffee table books. And I love them. Coffee table books, that is. Not a huge hipster/cat fan. Whatever. Coffee table books are a good way to kill some time. I remember being in NYC and having to waste a few minutes waiting on an ex-girlfriend to meet up for dinner. I found myself at the Urban Outfitters just above Houston St. on Broadway. Talk about the beacon of mindless reading material. I thumbed through plenty of their books but came nowhere close to touching the entire selection. A coffee table book deal must be easier to get than emails from Nigerian princes asking for your bank acct information. I should ask the heads at They just got one, too. Except that book’s gonna be rad. Better than the pictorial look at “co-op houses” throughout America. That one was boring. I think I could smell the patchouli coming from the book. That, or it was coming from the dirty “punk” browing the housewares sale section.


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