Advice Needed: Is Mathews Monster XLR8 a Good Bow?

bowandarrowWhen i was in Wisconsin, the most random thought came into my head: “Will, you should totally get into some random sport noone would ever think of you doing. Something like, oh I don’t know….Archery. Yeah, that’s the ticket.” I came home and started researching bows and arrows and gear and the whole get up and became so inundated with the sheer amount of products out there, my head was spinning like a top. Then i watched the Simpsons episode and got inspired by the “Can’t Someone Else Do It?” montra. So now I need my friends’ help. I think I actually want to take up archery (at least on a very amateur level). I’m not looking to be the next Robin Hood or anything, but does anyone know anything about the sport and what some good brands are? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


9 responses to “Advice Needed: Is Mathews Monster XLR8 a Good Bow?

  1. It is a very good bow but very expensive and probably not suited for an amateur. This bow is meant for seasoned hunters.

  2. I got My Monster yesterday- This is my first bow ever and I am loving it- Reduced the lb from 80 to 60 to start from. Will recomend it to anyone

  3. Mathews makes a very good line of equipment. If your not sure about whether you will be 100% devoted to the sport maybe try a less expensive bow, like a bear.

  4. My monster broke the first day. I hate it. The dealer and mathews are very slow Wiyh the warnty . would not recomend! mike

  5. Dan from Norway

    I have ordered a new Monster XLR8 since the 2010 lineup from Mathews didn`t suit me. I have recently sold my old Black Max, also a bow from Mathews. Fast, short brace height 70 lbs, 29.5″ lenght. I`m really looking forward to this bow and with a drawweight of 80 # and the same drawlenght it should be possible to get some speed out of this bow. I have no complaints about Mathews so good luck. A good advice is to visit your local supplier and test shoot the bows that you find interesting, forget about the brands if you can. I can`t so for me there`s only Mathews

  6. The mathews monster xlr8 a good bow? Depends on what you call quality. I have been a mathews fan my whole life but when i shot the moster it was horrible. About the only thing its good for is to show off speed with your buddies. look at all the youtube videos of them shooting one everyone shooting it jerks 3/4 of the way back when the cams roll over, not smooth whatsoever but thats what you get with high speed cams. Try the DXT

  7. it�s great to really find a webpost where the blogger knows fantastically well about his interests.

  8. this is my 5th mathews its ok but my fav. is the switchback

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