Be A Ruff(er)ian.

buffalorufferOr a hooligan. Or a rock star. Couch monkey, desk jockey, long-haired freaky person, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you do/want to do/aspire to be, look awesome while doing it. David Bitton and his Buffalo denim label can help you with this.

It has been said that cooking is merely the careful application of heat. Sourcing “fresh” ingredients and properly combining them is where the skill really comes into play. While there is nothing wrong with Levi’s (they actually have an awesome Vintage line), it’s time for an upgrade.

Sure, you could pair some Levi’s with a bunch of stuff you found on Momentum, but would you want to? Levi’s are work jeans. For like, you know, working. While looking good all the time IS work, it’s not THAT kind of work. They also don’t have the cool, distressed, lived-in look that these Buffalo Ruffer (you can also get them for a third what I paid) jeans have. This is what I posit:

On human-size object, combine the following:

Once complete, acquire a beverage and Enjoi

-Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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