Mashup and Mixup and Getup and Getdown with The Soundmen: Grizzly Bear / Lil Wanye VeckaFlyest Remix

soundmenMy friend, Amy, sent me a link the other day for some tunes. She insisted I download what the URL linked me too, assuring me I would dig the jams. Well, I did, and I did. The Soundmen mashing Lil Wayne with Grizzly Bear turned out to be a good idea. Sometimes, though, these mashups aren’t so lucky. I’ve definitely heard my share of two songs that should never be heard together. But I am not here to bash anyone’s music so I will just say that while this GB/LW mix is killer, it was made all the more cooler when Amy clued me into the fact that I know one of the Soundmen. Scott. I haven’t seen him in ages, as I lost contact with him when I left NYC. Still, cool. Go find yourself a copy of it. Simple Google searches will prove lucrative.


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