Shop Great, Even Late! Nordstrom Rack: All the calories, twice the flavor.

NRBD71401So I finished my Chicago Indoor Racing event (more on this to follow) and I had JUST enough time to kill to pay a visit to The Rack. Crazy Robert Wayne leather Con-offs with zippers (superfluous zippers haven’t been rocked this hard since Billy Idol graced a magazine cover), the usual selection of Sperry’s (no Will, I didn’t buy any of them. Mostly because there were no spumoni colors), Converse by Varvatos, some interesting Creative Recreation hi-tops (sorry folks, I can’t do hi-tops), and some Jack Purcell leather skins (I would have bought these if they were willing to give me cleaner for free). Check it after the jump.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)


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