The Pista Concept has gotta go. Should the Linus Bike be my next Iron Horse?

classic_creamAs one grows up, certain activities start to seem a bit, how you say, less than appealing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy riding the hell out of my Pista Concept (lovingly named “Diamond Fang”), it’s more just the fact I can’t ride it anywhere without getting those “You’re not a bike messenger, poser” looks from the other fixie kids around town. Not that it really gets to me so much as I could really do without it all. In considering my options for a new ride, after I sell my current rig of course, I started looking at cruisers. Thinkin that’s not the best route anymore. As much as the free and easy comfort of a beach bike is, they are heavy and clunky. Something in between is ideal. That Japanese classic university look is what I’m going for.


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