Are you man enough? Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector’s Edition

dirtyharryboxsetDVDspecialI remember when I first got into Lost. I got it randomly one Christmas. I think the show was in its second or third season by then. It took me until April of the following year to open the DVD set and pop it in. I was bored one Sunday. Before this, I thought it was a reality show, akin to Survivor, etc. How wrong I was. What followed was a Lost marathon lasting a good 20 hours or so. I missed work on Monday, even. Oops. Oh well. DVD Boxsets were made for those marathons. And it’s totally fine to do it from time to time. Having just got the State on DVD yesterday and neglecting to watch it last night, I foresee a long day of it, especially when the weather turns and forces me indoors.

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