“Yes!” was the subject of the email: Clarks Lugger Shoe

clarksluggerI got an email from my brother yesterday with a subject like that simply read: “Yes!” It linked me to a pair of Clarks Luggers. Sweet kicks for sure. Then I invited him to dinner last night. No dice. He had plans. So I ate alone. Blue Bonnet. Chicken Adovado. It wasn’t too good this time. I was sorta bummed out actually. So I made dinner plans for tonight with my Aunt. I realize that it’s mid-morning, but anyone got any recommendations as to what sorta far we should go for? After last night’s disappointment, I need something stellar. Let me know.

5 responses to ““Yes!” was the subject of the email: Clarks Lugger Shoe

  1. annoyanceallowance


    • momentumoffailure

      What about it?

      • annoyanceallowance

        It’s stellar. Fruition is as well, but you’ll likely need reservations on a Thursday. Potager doesn’t take ’em and you can eat at the bar if they’re jammed.

  2. momentumoffailure

    Ah, thanks! I actually hadn’t heard of Potager before now. Looks incredible. What do you recommend there? Fruition, you say? Hmmm will put that on the have-to-try list as well.

  3. annoyanceallowance

    Everything I’ve had at Potager is good – haven’t tried this newest menu yet, though, so don’t have specific recos. Other places to check out: Z Cuisine, Frasca (in Boulder, started by the sommelier from French Laundry), Rioja, Satchel’s (a neighborhood place for me, but fantastic cheap steak) and Tables. Just discovered Crepes and Crepes on 3rd and Fillmore for excellent brunch and stellar coffee.

    Mmm. Excuse me as now I must go and play make-believe with a peanut butter sandwich.

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