Christmas, junk in an AO. Hanukkah, junk in an AO. [Nooka Assets Organizer]


It’s easy to do, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box (package).


Step 2: Put your junk in the AO.


Step 3: Open the AO.


And that’s the way you do it.

Hit the jump for the verse.

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

Mid-day at the grocery store, junk in an AO. Horribly ridiculous metaphors aside, I can’t honestly remember the last time I was teased as much as I was waiting for this FedEx package to arrive. Well, the last time it didn’t involve junk. In a box. But I digress.

The pictures you see above could be strung together to create a movie of the unboxing (Yeah, I should be a hand model, I know.), but I wanted to provide you with the ability to study the intricate details of the AO. Besides, you can just click Page Down really fast and it will have the same effect. In any event, the pictures tell the story of the unboxing. Technically it’s a novella because according to my calculations it’s 20,000 words long, but each and every one of them makes a point. At the very least, a rounded, rubbery, bright corner.

I got the shipment notification from Nooka informing me that my package was shipped via FedEx and I could expect it…sometime. The fact that UPS isn’t offered as a shipping option is my ONLY gripe with the entire transaction from spastic mouse-clicking to being in my pocket (where it is right now). I know, I know, ENOUGH of the damn story, let’s hear about the AO!

I ordered the AO OR, BL, and GR direct from The package arrived and contained the three AOs, Nooka product guide, and a cardboard Nooka watch. I wasn’t wearing a watch at the time (I’m as shocked by this as you are), so I put it on. Honestly, I was quite amused; the watch was a great touch. Each AO was in a hard plastic case (reusable with Velcro closures!) and then individually wrapped in plastic.

The AO is constructed of a “soft silicone rubber-like substance” that is supposedly comfortable to sit on, expandable, and water resistant. I love @Nooka (you clever people will figure this out), but I was bound and determined to break at least one of these things. If only so I could prove Matt wrong about the ridiculously awesome sounding description on the Nooka website. I might have just been bitter that I couldn’t make it to NY for the DEN release party.

Nooka (Matt) : 0
Ben : 0

I twisted it, pulled it, crumpled it, stretched it, flexed it, expanded it, action-verbed it, and got it wet. Nothing. Not even the SLIGHEST discoloration due to stretching (which rubber normally exhibits).

Nooka (Matt) : A lot
Ben : 0

I persisted, refusing to admit defeat. I became a hypocrite and put everything in my immediate vicinity into the AO. In total this was 6 credit cards, 2 ids, 2 insurance cards, and $100 in small bills folded in half twice. I then inserted the slightly expanded AO into my back pocket and sat down at my desk to catch up on e-mails. 35 minutes later I got up to acquire Red Bull and couldn’t remember where I put my wallet.

Nooka (Matt) : A lot + 1
Ben : 0

Then I went to the DMV (the bane of my existence) where I had to remove the wallet twice to pay for things. Compliments. Both times.

Nooka (Matt) : A lot + 3
Ben : 0

I used to like that black Kenneth Cole wallet, but the Nooka AO demands attention. The “rubber-like substance” is smooth (smoother than the Nixon Rubber Player), almost slippery, but it doesn’t slide around. My biggest fear was that the piece that keeps the wallet closed would break. It won’t. I literally abused the AO and it came out unscathed. It is also easy to get in and out of a pocket and it’s water resistant. I will not be surprised when this is the new “wallet du jour” because celebrities will start sporting the AO. Nooka is going to change the way people think about “wallets” with the AO.

Nooka (Matt): There is a reason the oo in the logo is the infinity sign.
Ben: 3 (OR + BL + GR)

Ben (@CobaltInfinity)

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