Especially in this economy, ya know? All Urban Outfitters UO Boat Shoes on Sale.

uoboatshoesBen’s been killing it with the Nooka reviews. Jeremy has been hard at work on some MoF designs. And I have been sitting back enjoying the spoils of all their hard work. Okay, not really. I’m putting in long hours at the office, then even longer hours at home. It’s a collaborative effort, which is the best kind. Sometimes it’s tough to balance multiple lives, accounts, positions, etc. And this week has been killer. Both for MoF and mentally taxing. Thank effing Jebus it’s Friday though. All I’ve got going on this weekend is a picnic and some shopping. Gonna scope the boat shoes at Urban and the Rack and report back to you anything I find and if either store is worth your trouble in the coming week. So ya see? I’m still going to be working. And now Radiohead came onto Pandora. Friday, FTW.


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