I admit, sometimes I use a body spray. May switch to the Nooka Cologne though.

nookaI said it, yeah. Sometimes I use those Axe body spray things. It’s not like I oversaturate and everything stinks for days like “Force” or “Night Owl” or any number of the absolutely terrible names they slap on the cans. A shot here, a minor blast there….it keeps me smelling nice. Because, hey, sometimes I miss the alarm in the morning and therefore miss the shower. What then, smart guy? I share an office. We don’t all have the luxury of being unemployed and getting to stay home all day blogging about social media trends, eating Cheetos and watching Malcolm in the Middle reruns in our PJ’s. An, no I’m not talking about anyone in particular. Not at all…I’m just saying, smelling nice is a good thing.


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